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Midverse Studios Unveils New HOLLYWOOD+PUBLISH

Program For Chinese Mobile Game Developers


Midverse is partnering with Top-Tier Chinese Game Developers and Strategic Partners

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–Midverse Studios, started by ex-Tapjoy and Gameview/DeNA founders, Rizwan Virk and Mitch Liu, is funded by top-tier VCs including IDG US and IDG China.  The company is introducing its new mobile games initiative for Chinese game developers, HOLLYWOOD+PUBLISH.  In this new “Global IP” program, Midverse licenses Hollywood Intellectual Property from top movie studios, TV and Cable networks, and matches to successful mobile game developers. Midverse will also publish these branded Hollywood IP games in the Western markets including US, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and EMEA.

This new program complements Midverse’s INVEST+PUBLISH program for US developers announced last month.  The first two US developers selected for that program include Disruptor Beam and Imaginary Games, who are currently developing mobile games based on Game of Thrones, Star Trek and other leading Hollywood properties.

“Mobile game user acquisition costs have become very expensive in the Western markets, and developers are struggling to make a profit,” said Mitch Liu, co-founder and President, Midverse Studios. “We have invested aggressively in licensing Hollywood IP and when matched with the best game engines from Chinese developers, the end result is a very high likelihood of commercial success.”

For the HOLLYWOOD+PUBLISH program Midverse is looking for top-tier Chinese mobile game studios and strategic partners, whose games have the potential to leverage existing well known Hollywood intellectual property. The benefits of a branded IP game include:

  1. Leverage millions of social media followers to spread the word
  2. Lower user acquisition costs from brand recognition through higher downloads rates on app store charts
  3. Higher probability to be featured directly by Apple and Google in their app stores


Midverse announces the first Chinese developer to be part of the HOLLYWOOD+PUBLISH program, Top Game.

Top Game

Based in Beijing, Top Game (www.topgame.com) is an award-winning mobile game developer best known for its hit mobile casino games Slots – Titan’s Way and Farm Slots, which already has millions of users worldwide.

As part of the program, Midverse is actively working with the company to secure high profile Hollywood Intellectual property for its upcoming games, as well as publishing its games in the Western markets.

“As one of the members of the HOLLYWOOD+PUBLISH program, we’re looking forward to working with Midverse Studios, a partnership that will complement our industry leading approach to mobile game development,” said Xu Le, CEO and founder, TopGame. “We value Midverse’s expertise in user acquisition and retention as well as the opportunity to work with well known Hollywood IP that will increase our success rate.”

For more information about HOLLYWOOD+PUBLISH, game developers can check out the Midverse Studios website at www.midversestudios.com, or e-mail partners@midversestudios.com.

About Midverse Studios

Based in Mountain View, Calif., Midverse Studios was founded by Rizwan Virk and Mitch Liu, industry experts who were part of the TapJoy founding team and developed one of the first successful free-to-play mobile games, Tap Fish, Gameview Studios was acquired by Japanese mobile gaming giant DeNA.  Midverse is funded by top-tier Silicon Valley and Chinese venture capitalists including IDG Ventures US and IDG China. For more information, visit http://www.midversestudios.com/.

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